AGU 2013 Fall meeting – LUC and Climate Communication

December seems like a long time away, but AGU Fall Meeting sessions are already decided. This year I’m convening two sessions. Future Land Use Change and Climate is a Global Environmental Change session that will bring together the diverse research communities that study interactions at the land surface. Authors are invited to present research which helps understanding of the drivers and consequences of land cover change – both for understanding earth systems and also as a guide for policy. climate-communication-AGU 400ppm carbon dioxide – communicating climate science effectively is a Union session. A two hour oral session, this session will have invited speakers who have dealt with the immediate issue of climate change in a new way – looking at communicating climate science beyond traditional pay-walled journals and really making an impact. This is the sister session to a Global Environmental Change physical science based session, Understanding 400 ppm Climate: Past, Present and Future.


Update: the schedule for AGU has now been published.

Future Land Use Change and Climate sessions are all on Thursday 12th December. Oral session I 8am – 10am, Oral session II 10.20am – 12.20 will both be in Moscone West 3001. The poster session is that afternoon, 1.40pm – 6pm. Speakers include: Julia Pongratz, Judith Verstegen, Etsushi Kato, Dominique Bachelet, Victor Brovkin, Katherine Calvin, Prananth Meiyappan, Louise Chini, and Govindasamy Bala.

400ppm CO2 : Communicating Climate Science Effectively is on Friday 13th December, 10.20 – 12.20, in Moscone South room 102. This session is ‘Virtual Option’ and will be available to watch streamed live. Speakers are Naomi Oreskes, Myles R. Allen, Robert Lempert and James Hansen.