Natural Systems and Processes Poster Session 2013

As well as having a poster at this year’s Bristol University Postgraduate Poster Natural Systems and Processes Poster Session, I was also one of the organising committee making sure that it was bigger and better than last year. That meant:

  • Great prizes – Kindle Fires as the top prize, to really motivate people to make their posters clear and accessible.
  • More contacts – this year we were¬†privileged¬†to have a representative from NERC with us to look for impact stories, as well as the Dean of Science, the Dean of Graduate Studies and many Professors and other Research Staff.
  • A more social experience – we used twitter and facebook to advertise the event and get PG students engaged with it.
  • More advice on making beautiful and informative posters – we included links to Colin Purrington’s advice as well as the Better Posters Blog on the NSPPS website.
  • More inclusive – for the first time we invited along undergraduate students to engage with graduate level research and get ideas for their dissertation topics.

The event was busy and the catering for 200 which we provided was quickly gone.