Geoengineering at Bristol workshop

Today’s workshop (I seem to be going to quite a few at the moment!) was on Geoengineering at Bristol – to present current research and get to know everyone who is doing research on geoengineering at Bristol. It was funded by the Cabot Institute and organised by Pete Irvine.

Some of the interesting questions and issues which came up were:

  • How useful is the label ‘geoengineering’? Is it an approach? Or an intent? Or a philosophy? Or should it only really be applied to SRM?
  • Scientists can be reluctant to engage with the social and moral context, but we may need to do this.
  • Is there a relationship between climate and GDP – there seems to be a weak relationship between higher temperature and GDP growth, but is this causal or coincidental?
  • Extreme events are likely to be more important than mean temperature.
    Inequalities caused by geoengineering could exacerbate current inequalities.

And the take home message for me? Be skeptical. Question your assumptions.