Future Science Leaders Workshop

I was awarded a scholarship to go to the Future Science Leaders Workshop, so this week I’ve been at St. John’s college, Oxford.

The whole two days were filled with exceptionally good talks about communicating and doing science research, and the problems that physics especially faces at school level and how we can help. The talks that really stood out for me were:

Alyssa Goodman talked about software for organising your life and research. She was universally disappointed by the general lack of us using the stuff she loves. Especially kayak.com and Trip it (she was pretty insistent about this one!)

Catherine Heymans did a great presentation about how to engage people with your research during coffee breaks at conferences, poster sessions and when you corner the person you really want to talk to.

Barbara Justham talked about techniques to engage with students when giving a ‘talk’ (while doing as little talking as possible).

Jocellyn Bell Burnell and Kay Davies did very insightful talks about women in Science. (Key take home messages: Diversity adds strength, and Focus on What you Want.)
Athena Swann was mentioned by Jocellyn as a possible resource for whether a department is female friendly.

All in all, a very useful couple of days. 🙂