JULES meeting 2014

JULES is the stand-alone version of the land-surface model that is in the Hadley Centre model that I use. Up in Leicester, (which was beautiful at this sunny time of year) this was a meeting with a small conference feel. There were lots of familiar names and faces there, including Richard Essery (my keyboard probably has slight dents from where I’ve googled ‘Essery Moses’ so many times…).

I spent lots of good time talking to Eleanor Burke and Sarah Chadburn about the PAGE21 permafrost project, which was very interesting. It was good to catch up with met office people too, whom I haven’t had a chance to visit recently.

The talks were a mix of model development talks, like that from the JULES crop group and Anna Harper who has been putting new PFTs into JULES, and some more results/science talks. JULES is a really friendly community that I’m happy to be becoming a part of.