400 ppm AGU session – the online story version

The AGU on demand service is available for the 400ppm CO2, Communicating climate science Union session which I convened last week – search for U52A. You’ll need to create an account and put in the discount code ‘AGU13’. After January you’ll need to be an AGU member, or have to pay for the privilege.

If all that sounds like too much hassle, then you can get the flavour of the session via the talk online about it in the storify below.

Although I am on twitter, you might notice that there aren’t any tweets from me in this storify. I thought it was a bit too much for one of the convenors to be tweeting on their phone. Hat tip to those who did tweet and discuss this online. Much appreciated and it is great to see the session made for some good debate.

Other opinions/commentaries about this session are available, for instance from Energy and Environment Publishing